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Ceramic Coating Barrie

Like many discerning auto owners, you want to gather as much information as you can about a ceramic coating installation company before making a choice. As there are so many lies out there that aim to get you to use their services by making fake promises, building trust can be quite challenging.

You May...

Loose time and have to spend...


To Apply An Inferior Coating


Days Without Your Vehicle


To Fix Poor Ceramic Coating Installation


To Apply A Premium Ceramic Coating

Or... Save time and Money


Cost to professionally install a ceramic coating

Essential Questions To Ask Before Purchasing a Ceramic Coating

Is the price too good to be true?

When choosing goods or services, it's only reasonable to want to get the greatest deal. You'll realise the truth of the phrase "you get what you pay for" once you realise what it takes to apply a ceramic coating to a car effectively and professionally.

You'll quickly realise that what at first seemed to be a "fantastic deal" has actually been a waste of money. You may need to redo the coating, which will cost you additional money, or the coating may at the very least not last. In the worst case, your car's paint job may be harmed and need to be repainted. Your affordable coating project unexpectedly increased in cost.

All the processes required to guarantee a high-quality outcome are necessary for a professional ceramic coating application. This includes cleaning the outside body surfaces before applying the paint, as well as selecting the right curing period once the coating has been applied. This typically requires many hours, and maybe even days, to finish.

At Classico Autocare, we devote the necessary time and meticulous attention to detail to each of these vital procedures. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, both now and in the future.

What is curing and how long will it take?

The ceramic coating is made more durable and protected by the curing process. Depending on what the coating recommends, this necessitates that the car not be driven for a full 12 to 24 hours. The hardest coating is produced as a result, with flawless performance and a candy like gloss that can withstand rain, mud, and other adverse weather conditions. This procedure is applied to every car that we apply a ceramic coating on.

How can you be assured the ceramic coating will be applied properly?

Smooth application and removal are achieved using ceramic coatings and "carrier fluids". It is essential that all of the carrier fluid be removed; otherwise, high spots, or hardened streaks and smears, would form, detracting from the vehicle's once-pristine appearance. After the ceramic coating has been applied, we inspect the coated surfaces to make sure they are even, streak- and smear-free, and smooth. Both natural sunshine and powerful LED lighting are used for this inspection.

Do you provide any service after my ceramic coating installation has been completed?

How does the warranty process work if the coating fails?

Always read the warranty card's fine print. The majority of the time, car owners fall for deceptive marketing that falsely claim to offer a "lifetime warranty" when, in reality, there is no such thing. The guarantee is invalid if the original installer closes shop or if you move to a different city.


The majority of companies only refund 30% to 50% of the whole fee if you're unhappy with the installation. Don't ignore the significance of installation; instead, seek out businesses who uphold complete openness and encompass all essential procedures and phases of the coating installation process. At Classico Autocare we guarantee the coating will last its given time as long as your schedule maintenance. 

What steps do you take to get my vehicle ready for the first steps of the ceramic coating installation?

Make sure your paint has been thoroughly decontaminated and the licence plates have been removed in order to ensure that every square inch of your vehicle's exterior may be properly prepped. This gets rid of any issues that can arise from untreated areas, as well as from accumulated contaminants and road debris.

Classico Autocare a free follow up wash and inspection, a few weeks after you have your vehicle back, at no additional cost. This ensures 2 things:

a) To confirm your first wash is flawless and you see the actual results of the ceramic coating.

b) To ensure our installation is exceptional

Do you provide any service after my ceramic coating installation has been completed?

When the vehicle has been coated, maintenance is a crucial next step. Every customer whose car has received ceramic coating is encouraged to join our maintenance schedule, or at the very least follow a bimonthly wash schedule. In this manner, the coating will offer adequate protection for the entire car and ensure long lasting results.

How do you apply the ceramic coating without scratching my vehicles paint?

Even after spending several hours polishing and smoothing the paint surface, it is not completely protected. Every step of the coating process would involve the use of a fresh applicator because even the tiniest contamination has the potential to seriously harm a freshly polished surface. We frequently switch out the application cloths we use to apply the ceramic coating while we work on your vehicle's finish. This reduces the chance that any particles will scratch the paint. For every body panel, we utilise at least one fresh applicator cloth.

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