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Cadaliac CT-5 Full interior detail, and premium wash. Classico Autocare - Mobile car detailing Mobile Car Detailing | Classico Autocare | Innisfil, Canada

The Classico Auto Detailing Team

At Classico Autocare we take pride in offering a high quality service, but equally an amazing customer experience that caters to every customer. From offering ceramic coatings, and paint corrections, to full interior details, we have packages designed for all of your detailing needs. 

Mission Statement: To make all auto care services seamless & convenient for our customers.

Nanolex approved Detailer Certificate Mobile Car Detailing | Classico Autocare | Innisfil, Canada
Mobile Car Detailing | Classico Autocare | Innisfil, Canada

The Everything Guy...

In 2021, I (Jeremy) got my first used car. Unfortuantley that car was very gross & it didn't feel new to me at all. I researched detailing to give my "new" car the makeover it deserved, but I ran into the issues of having to leave my vehicle at a shop for several hours, and generally speaking the experience was inconvenient.

I ended up detailing my vehicle myself and was extatic with the results. My family members were jealous of my car, asking me to do their car next. A few months later I opened up Classico Autocare mobile car detailing for Barrie & surrounding areas.

Guaranteed Results, Or You
Don't Pay

The responses we receive from customers after fully cleaning and detailing their vehicles are one of the greatest parts of detailing.

Customers frequently believe that there is no possible way that we could make anything appear better. They are shocked by what we can accomplish a few hours later.

Each customer we work with has that as their primary objective. We aim to deliver outstanding results and an unique customer experience, whether it's a simple cleaning or something much more extensive.

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